* Nostalgic Landscapes of America *

When the rare opportunity arises, as many photographers will, we dive head first into our Love Projects.  Mine for me has always been rural American Landscape and the ‘open road’.

It started on my first road trip, with my two best friends, after having just finished University.  I took my camera, film back then, and shot away on our 3 month trip across the southern US states.  We were so broke we only had the Motel 6 map that they give you of all their locations to guide us through, $50 a day, a shoe box full of film and a departure date from the opposite coast, 3 months down the line. This was going to be the best trips of our lives, and maybe that ended up being true…

But anyhow, the images that I started shooting from our LA, Vegas, San Fran start of the road trip were the pretty run of the mill American beauty shots combined with a game we started playing called “Find Beauts” (a Where’s Wallie private joke from 3 girls that found the enormity of American cities, roads, gas stations – the lot – pretty amusing.  Side note, we grew up in rural Devon).

But it wasn’t until we left the coast miles behind us that I got hooked on the wide open space, the dirt roads and the tiny towns. I’d go back any time I could.


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