* Nina Yashar *

“She’s like the Peggy Guggenheim of furniture dealers in terms of creating an aesthetic and wearing an aesthetic,” observes Rodman Primack, executive director of Design Miami, where the Nilufar booth is always one of the show’s top attractions. “Nina is a magical, fearless creature—there are very few people who have such a complete vision.”


It’s the ultimate goal – to make your home look like you are stepping into a well curated Gallery.  Well it is mine anyway… Nina Yashar’s taste is immense, and I am secretly hoping that when she was my age she had a slightly scrappy 2 bed flat filled with undeliberate, slightly mismatched bargain pieces that come together in a charm that I might only love. Honing her eye over the years to get to the level she is today. But its doubtful, a woman with taste like hers is most likely born that way. I can but dream though.

“We are always looking to the past and taking inspiration from it,” Yashar says. “We just have to look at it with different eyes.”


Images via Casa Vogue

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