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Be it £10 or £10,000 my general stance is that if its something original, displayed well and you love it, you have yourself something worth hanging with pride.

The Art Collectors world can appear to be a daunting place to dabble in, but there’s nothing better to invest in that can bring you joy, make conversation, remind you of a time since past, or simply just distract from your tired furniture than a well picked piece. No one can tell you what is right for you, but there are things to think about that make them right for your space.

Size might just mean everything in some spaces. Now we know we wouldn’t frame a post card to fill the length of a hallway, but just go out prepared. Measure the spaces you need to fill as you will get confused with perspectives without some hint of what you are there to do. And go with more measurements than one, you might find something amazing for another room you didn’t know you were hunting for.


If an Artist has already chosen the framing style for their work, stick with it, there’s often a connection with their work tied into the frame itself and changing it could devalue your purchase, or just devalue its’ appearance itself. If you do need to get framing remember where it is going to hang, consider the colour, but ultimately, remember that it is ‘framing’ and highlighting what you are displaying.


Tie it in
Some of the most impressively styled rooms I see, the Art is reflected in its surroundings.  But this can take more creativity and budget than most of us fair folk have. And after all, what came first, the chicken or the egg? The painting or the sofa? We cant replace everything in a room to match every time we buy Art, but you can help them tie in by looking at colour, style, texture and patterns to make it work.


Look in unusual places
When spring hits, start planning your tour of End of Year Shows. Don’t just look at the main London Schools, there are thousands of Colleges around the country (and beyond) that all hold their own, and saying that, some might say talent cannot be taught. You’ve been cooped up all winter, get out on the weekends and look around.
If you buy through a gallery they should keep you up to date with new works from the Artist making it easy to follow their career and add to your collection. If you do buy from a newly graduated student who doesnt have representation looking after them, then you should try to do this yourself, you never know where they will end up taking their work.


Stretch your Mediums
When most people think about buying Art they think Paintings and (hopefully) Photography, don’t overlook the screen prints and sculptures that are out there too, far less cookie cutter and therefor will strengthen the uniqueness of your collection.


Take Care
If you want to keep it forever, or even sell it on eventually, you will need to look after your investment. Keep your certificate of authentication safe for one thing, but look after the piece itself.  Dampness, sunlight, poorly hung?  There are a number of things that can damage or ruin your investment entirely.



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