“Fun in Elk City is a mixture of Art, Photography & Design articles”

A bit about my background…

Originally from Devon, I moved to London after University and started work as a freelancer photographer specialising in Interiors. I later joined various companies within the the Interiors Design Industry as their Staff Photographer, before returning once again, to being a freelancer which is where I am today.

Along side my commercial work I also sell my personal work through New Blood Art.


Naturally you’ll find that Interior Design and Travel are heavy influences in this blog, as that is what my work tends to focus on. Which is also lucky because I love them both!

The name ‘Fun in Elk City‘ is something that comes from my first road trip in the states with a couple of friends, who I thank profusely for being patient while I took A LOT of photos .

One day on our travels we were asking for directions between the only two roads in the district, one, which we were on, heading to a few normal sized towns, the other heading (and ending) in Elk City – our destination. The gas station attendant, insisting that this other road didn’t exist, he’d lived here all his life and knew for sure, asked us where we were heading. ‘Elk City’ we said. ‘Elk City… you’ll have fun in Elk City’. He walked away laughing huskily under his beard.

This is Elk City.  This building is the post office, general store, and hotel. We did not have fun in Elk City…